Should I Place My Pet in Hospice Care?

Every good dog has his or her final days. The same goes for cats and every other pet. If your companion is reaching the end of his or her life, then you’ll want to start thinking about both hospice care and euthanasia. As hard as saying goodbye can be, both forms of treatment can offer peace and rest for animals in pain or who are suffering from a low quality of life. If you'd like to discuss at-home euthanasia, hospice care, or other end-of-life pet services in Tucson, contact Peaceful Pet In Home.

How Hospice Care Works

Hospice care is designed to provide comfort for animals that are in pain or suffering from serious diseases, such as cancer. Unfortunately, curing your pet may not be an option and, despite the advances of modern veterinary care, sometimes treatments simply aren’t available.

Hospice care can make pets comfortable, however, mitigating the worst symptoms, such as severe pain and nausea. This way, your companion can enjoy his or her final days in relative comfort. Hospice care can also help grieving families cope with and process their loss, allowing an extended period to say goodbye.

Pets undergoing hospice care either at home or in a professional facility will be closely watched over by a team of veterinary experts. These experts will typically specialize in hospice care, allowing them to bring their specialized and considerable skills to bear.

When is Hospice Care Necessary?

Each situation can vary. However, hospice care is typically recommended for pets who are very old or who are suffering from a serious and incurable condition. For such pets, the highest priority should be maintaining comfort.

When Does Euthanasia Become Necessary?

At some point, a veterinarian may recommend that you euthanize your pet. While hospice care can greatly increase the quality of life, the point may come when your pet is simply suffering too much and hospice care won’t be enough. At this stage, it may be time to say goodbye. Pets can be put to rest at home, surrounded by their family.

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