The following is some of the much appreciated feedback we have received from people whose pets we have helped. Email your comments to [email protected]. Thank You.

Dear Dr. Hinsch and Michelle,

I cannot put into words how wonderful you both were in my time of need.  My sweet, gentle Buddy's health had been failing for a while but this past week I knew the time had come.  The one thing I always promised him was that I would never let him suffer just to keep him by my side.  I loved him to much to be that selfish.  When I contacted you, I immediately knew I was doing the right thing and doing it with people that had the love and understanding for what I needed to do.  Doing a home euthanasia is a wonderful way to be able to let your best friend begin his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  He is able to stay in his home environment and that makes him calm.  I sat beside him , petting him and holding him,  through the entire procedure which was simple and you both made it seem like you were just visiting friends.  You gave me time alone with my boy to hug and hold him him one last time and shed some tears before I said goodbye.  There was never a sense that you were in any rush or that it was a business transaction.  You both are wonderful and a true gift to all four legged family members giving them a proper respectful send off.  

Thank you.

A loving mom to my Buddy,

Linda T

Thank you for making Sugar's passing so calm and peaceful. It really was like she just went to sleep. I had a Facebook "friend" who told me, in detail, about how her baby fought and struggled with the euthanasia process, and I was really scared. Sugar was our sweet, sweet girl, and we loved her so much.

I found a new puppy at the Humane Society. Normally, I will adopt an adult dog because they need it so much more, but I really needed a puppy in my life right now. Her name is Sadie. Thank you SO MUCH for your service, it was everything I hoped for. And she had such a good day the day before she told us she was ready. I am not religious, but thank you, and bless you. You provide such an amazing and needed service for our very much loved fur-babies.

Love always, Molly

. .

kind words




One of the most difficult euthanasia’s is when children are present. There is no right way and we strive to follow the parents lead. We got this picture from a family that that did a great job of preparing their children for the passing of their beloved dog. They had them draw pictures of their dog and what was about to happen. It was a very emotional but rewarding experience

Kind Words

Kind Words

Thank you note - Daisy kind words

Hi there Michelle and Dr. Hinsch! I wrote a card but there wasn’t nearly enough room for the share I wanted to provide for others in the future who are considering your services. Dear Dr. Hinsch and Michelle, I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for being with us and being who you are through this difficult, first time we have had to make this decision with a pet.  I have had many a pet in the past but none that I have ever had to make such a heartbreaking decision on.  Our cat Herman was diagnosed with cancer 7 days prior to meeting you both in person and that diagnosis came at such a rapid conclude that my boyfriend and I barely even had time to process what was happening.  I had Herman since he was 3 months old, he was a stray.  This was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make in my entire life!  Michelle-Thank you so much for being so empathetic on the phone, just reassuring it will all be taken care of, advising and answering all the questions we had, being so patient.  Handling our loved one with gentle hands. Dr. Hinsch-Thank you for being so quick!  There was point in time when I heard the doorbell ring I almost ran with Herman, that flight feeling of I am not ready for this! Haha. Michelle thank you for talking to me when Dr. Hinsch was doctoring.  Talking about great memories really helped me keep my stuff together.  Dr. Hinsch thank you so much for just reaffirming that we are making the right choice and just medically speaking out loud to the condition of our sweet Herman upon your arrival and seeing him, it helped keep our focus. For the readers.  I haven’t had a lot of experience in this arena but I do know human loss and matters of the heart and 10 out of 10 times will recommend Dr. Hinsch and Michelle every time.  When I called, she took the time to answer questions.  She accommodated our schedule and they were on time and comfortable. Thank you both so much!  The card just really was great, thank you doesn’t suffice but we can’t say it enough.


Thank You

Thank you

  • I would like to say first and foremost that Ian and I are deeply grateful for your kindness, professionalism, and support. We were dreading the day we would have to call you but from the first conversation with Michelle, we felt relief, like it would be okay, that Peaceful Pet was there for us in the best possible way. And then, when we did have to schedule the appointment, you were able to fit us in that day and when you arrived, you both knew just what to do and say. Among so many other thing

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  • My family can not thank you enough, Dr. Hinsch, for making Lucky's last day a peaceful one. You helped us through such an emotional time and your extraordinary kindness, compassion and respectful demeanor extended that peace to us, the family who loved her so much.

    - Pam C.
  • You helped us treat Muffin in passing as we treated her throughout her life...with love, kindness and compassion. What we were dreading turned out to be a beautiful and peaceful experience. Thank you, Dr. Hinsch, for your gentle hand and experienced touch. It made all the difference.

    - Taylor G.
  • Thank you, Dr. Hinsch, for your calming , professional attitude. We will be forever grateful that our little Billie was able to pass with the dignity and respect he deserved.

    - Holly H.
  • Yesterday Dr. Hinsch (Brett) and Michelle came to our home to help send our beloved Macho to his next journey. They were compassionate, understanding, and made us feel as though they were family. Although it is a difficult time, they helped us get through, the best that could be expected. Thank you both. Macho.... we will miss you greatly until we see each other again!! Rest well my friend, climb that mountain in the sky!!

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  • Dr. Hinsch and Michelle came to my home to help my bloodhound Layla cross the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, 12/21. They were absolutely wonderful. So genuinely compassionate and gentle, considerate and kind. Layla always had extreme anxiety about leaving the house & we did not want her to pass that way. She slipped away so peacefully. If this is something you need, I recommend them without reservation.

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  • "Thank you, Dr. Hinsch, for your calming, professional and caring attitude. We will be forever grateful that our little Billie was able to pass with the dignity and respect he deserved."

    - Shirley N.

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