Celebrating your Pets Life

The loss of a pet can be heartbreaking as the devastation. Putting down beloved pets is not easy, and our team at Peaceful Pets In Home understands.

If you felt the time had come to let go and you called us at Peaceful Pet In Home for at home euthanasia in Tucson, AZ, a bit of grief can be relieved by celebrating your pet's life. Here are some ways to mourn and remember your pet and the joy he gave you. We are here to help with at home euthanasia. 


Create a Scrapbook or Photo Album

Put aside some of your most treasured photos of your pet, and put them in a special photo album that lets you relive those special moments. Before an at home euthanasia is scheduled, be sure to take as many photos as you can when your pet has “good days.” A scrapbook is another way to remember a pet. Fill it with photos, fabric from a beloved toy, ID tags and other items.

Hold a Service in Memoriam of Your Pet

After putting down dog or cat, having a small memorial service to honor their life can be a great way to relieve grief with friends and family who understand your emotional pain. Those who take advantage of our Tucson, AZ, pet cremation  services might hold a service at home.  Michelle recommends you search Amazon for memento gifts for attendees such as lockets with a small amount of your pets ashes etc.

Make or Commission a Painting or Portrait of Your Pet

A special way to have a lasting visual memory after putting down pets is to have a custom painting or professional photographer create an image of your pet. Today, companies can create paintings on canvas from photos, eliminating the need to keep pets still for paintings. Showcase the results in a special place in the home.


Donating supplies to a pet adoption shelter, animal rescue, or related cause may be useful for grieving your pet. Not only might this giving back alleviate stress-related grief, but these efforts might make a dramatic difference in an animal’s life.

Consider at Home Euthanasia Near Tucson, AZ

If the time has come to say goodbye to your beloved companion and prefer to do so in the privacy of your home, we at Peaceful Pet In Home, specialize in end of life services. Euthanasia of your beloved  dog or cat  is not easy, but we walk you through the process with compassion. Call us at (520) 284-2400. We are here to help with all aspects of putting our special friends o sleep.


When it's time to let go of a beloved companion

Let us be here for you

What to Do When You Need Us

When you know your pet is ready, or your pet lets you know they are ready, simply give us a call, and we will handle everything, so you can focus your attention on spending time with your pet and being there for them (and they for you). We're here whenever you know the time is right.  

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