How to Prepare?

Losing a beloved pet is never easy, but you can make the transition less stressful for both your pet and yourself by choosing end-of-life services from Peaceful Pet In Home, LLC. If you're in the Tucson area and need at-home euthanasia services for your pet, here's how to prepare before the appointment.

Spend Time With Your Pet

As the appointment approaches, make sure you spend quality time with your pet. Consider giving them their favorite treat, a cherished toy, or a cozy blanket. Cuddling with them and holding them close can also provide comfort. You know your pet better than anyone, so choose the things that they love most and that will be meaningful to you after they've passed.

Reassure Them and Stay Close to Them

Being close to your pet before and during the at-home euthanasia appointment is essential for keeping their anxiety levels in check. You are their human, and they need and want to be near you. While end-of-life services are emotionally challenging, staying by their side is a final act of love you can offer your pet.

Find a Suitable and Comfortable Space

Selecting a suitable and comfortable space is crucial. You want your pet to feel safe in their surroundings while ensuring that the service can be performed correctly. Keeping them calm is more manageable when they are in a space where they feel comfortable and where you can be with them.

Closer to a Door is Better for Large or Heavy Dogs

For larger or heavier dogs, having a space near a door is preferable. This positioning makes it easier to move them after the services have been completed, whether you choose burial or cremation. Simplifying the process during a time of grief is essential.

Get Help From Professionals Who Care

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? If you're in the Tucson area and in need of at-home euthanasia services for your pet, please don't hesitate to contact us at Peaceful Pet In Home, LLC. We are here to help make a challenging time a little more manageable.

When it's time to let go of a beloved companion

Let us be here for you

What to Do When You Need Us

When you know your pet is ready, or your pet lets you know they are ready, simply give us a call, and we will handle everything, so you can focus your attention on spending time with your pet and being there for them (and they for you). We're here whenever you know the time is right.  

FAMILY PET SERVICES will contact you within 10-14 days after euthanasia to pick up you pets ashes. They are located at 4255 S Randolph Ave  Ste 101 Tucson, AZ 85714. Call them directly if you have questions at (520) 358-9469. They are wonderful and there to help.

We provide At-Home Pet Euthanasia to the following Service Areas:

  • Tucson
  • Littletown
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Drexel-Alvernon
  • Green Valley
  • Marana
  • Oro Valley
  • Sahuarita
  • Catalina
  • Vail
  • Tucson Estates

Ashes Pick up Location

For ashes pick up only